The Intelligent Production Technology Research & Development Center for Aerospace (IPTeCA) was established as Japan's foremost educational and research institution focusing on "production technology" with the support of a grant from the Cabinet Office and a subsidy from Gifu Prefecture.

The Center is active in the field of Human resource development, and Research & development with aim of solving the various manufacturing issues faced by the industry.

The aircraft manufacturing industry is a labor-intensive industry that requires high-quality, high-mix, low-volume production. In order to survive in the intensifying international competition, drastic productivity improvements thorough automation and total optimization are required.

In the human resource development program, we offer courses for students and workers to learn production technology scientifically and systematically.

In the research and development program, we are conducting research on automation technology such as robots, digital technology and AI / IoT to improve production efficiency.

At this center, we utilize the mutual strengths of Gifu University's aerospace production technology and Nagoya University's aerospace design technology to provide the necessary education and research, and collaborate with local companies to create an attractive university and local community. We support the further development of industry.

As a place for students and workers to learn and for companies to solve problems, we ask for your active participation in this project and your continued support.


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