The Cyber-Physical Systems(CPS) technology is applied to link and integrate manufacturing equipment and products in the physical world with models in the cyber world through IoT. AI, data analysis, and computer simulations are applied to the cyber models, and results are feedback to the physical entitles to compare and improve the physical entities and cyber models.The entire factory and supply chain in the physical world will be optimized using CPF.

Information Communication Technology

Key Technology:
Big data Analysis、AI、Simulation、Optimization、I o T、Wireless、Network

  • Appearance Inspection by AI
  • Optimization of Production Control by Big data Analysis
  • Skilled Work Analysis and training system by sensing system and digitalize
  • Automatic generation of the production process  from actual example

Manufacturing Robot Technology

Key Technology:
Mechatronics、High accuracy control、Bilateral control、Structural analysis

  • High Accurate Fabrication by Commercial general-purpose robot
  • Flexible and high quality Fabrication by Bilateral control
  • Automatic generation of Robot Control by Reinforcement Learning
  • Handling System by Evolutionary Computation

Autonomous Mobile Robot Technology


Key Technology:
Computer vision、Image processing、AI、Deep Learning、Modeling、Self-position Estimation、Motor Control

  • Advanced Communication System Between Human and Mobile Robot
    by Gesture, Sigh, Voice and Recognition of workers and other Passengers

Advance Milling Technology

Key Technology:
Vibration Analysis、Dynamic rigidity Monitoring、Process Analysis、Coating for tool、Fracture toughness measurement、Magnetic fluid Polishing

  • High Speed Milling of Thin Thickness Wall
  • Cutter lifetime extension in milling of titanium alloy by inside cooling of cutter
  • Measurement of Deterioration of the Cutter Coating by Electronic emissions
  • Dynamic rigidity Monitoring of Machine Tool

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