Educational Programs for Working Adults

Course offered in this program are designed to suit various needs and are targeted at university students and professional pr
odu ction engineers.

Production System Architect Leader Training Course

The Training Course is certified by the Ministry of Education as BP(Brush up Program for Professional) Program
Gifu University issues " Certificate of completion " to a person of completion based on School Education Act.
IPTeCA provides classes more than 60 hours to be constructed by “Manufacturing Technology and “Short term intensive Course” and develops “Production system Architect Leader”.


The Training Coursebrings up a working adult into a Production-system Architect Leader.

“The Ministry of Education” authorizes a practical and special program depending on the needs such as a working adult or the company by university or other educational institutions as “Brush up Program for Professional”, and aim at the ability improvement of the working adult through “Brush up Program for Professional”

  1. The Training Course provides advanced subjects such as management, Cost, Quality and DX for Manufacturing industry which are required in the fourth industrial revolution
  2. The Training Course provides classes of the production control and the process plan which include the robot operation by a automated assembly equipment and the programming of the PLC.
  3. The Training Course provides a class which discusses the future industry vision as a Production system Architect Leader.

Short term intensive Course

Short term intensive educational tailored to corporate needs
Along with lectures on quality engineering, etc., lectures and practical training on the latest AI, IoT, data science, etc.
In cooperation with public testing and research institutions, some courses are offered with an eye to expansion into other industries

Elective Courses in Production Technology

Education lectures offerd by the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Students can choose and take their own preferred courses while earning credits after successful completion.
Recognize as completion credits (some) for master’s degree for working adults and doctoral degree for working adults

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